Sacred Heart Eldon

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Sacred Heart Capital Campaign

Invitation to Participate from Monsignor Don Lammers

June 25, 2017

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Thank you for being members and friends of Sacred Heart Parish and the very presence of the Catholic Church in this area. We praise Almighty God for all the grace and growth we have received through the life and liturgy of Sacred Heart. This letter is about the capital campaign to help pay for the improvements planned for our church,

Something Beautiful When we do remodeling on our home, we want the outcome to add new beauty. Likewise, the planned improvements are more than practical; they are beautiful. If we are able to do all of them, we will be doing something beautiful for God, like our ancestors did in building the magnificent churches and great cathedrals everywhere. Their goal was to glorify God and to inspire everyone who entered, really helping them lift their hearts and minds to God. We can accomplish that here.

Overview Questions about enlarging our vestibule have surfaced periodically for a number of years. More recently, leaders are seeking a better place for music ministry, the cry room, and finally the tabernacle. A year ago, the pastoral council and the finance council both said, “Let’s look seriously into these questions“. We have come this far in the past year, with discovery of some problems with the church floor delaying us two months. The architect, the engineer and the church interior artist presented inspiring drawings to our parish on June 4th. In the survey of parishioners, 69% of those completing the survey approved the plans.

Finances The total cost is estimated at $463,000. The parish Finance Council suggests we can use $155,000 of our $310,000 in savings. The Capital Campaign Fund, recently begun, has $6,850.

Capital Campaign Therefore, our goal in this capital campaign is about $300,000. Our parish has 270 households. Because of misfortune some are financially strapped. If 220 households can participate in this capital campaign, each giving $1,500 total over a three year period, it will raise $330,000. Perhaps some can give, but not $1,500; others can give much more without suffering financial strain. Let us give back to God a generous share of the blessings we have received. I am retiring, but first I am pledging $3,000; that is $1,500 for me and $1,500 for someone who can’t pledge at this time.

Thank you for receiving this capital campaign material. Please discuss it at home, pray to God about it and make your pledge soon. Together, let us all do something beautiful for God!

Sincerely in Christ,

Msgr. Donald W. Lammers

Current Status

Update, July 23: I would like to have the Capital Campaign for Church Improvement Project speeded up. We all know that it is meant to make the house of God spacious with Jesus at the center. And so, please make your pledges and donations generously to this noble cause at the earliest date. I propose to have the project started in September after the Parish picnic. This calls for making our Parish picnic more fun and fund generative. Let us all join hands and make the said proposals working. - Father Alex

Additional campaign updates, including pledge information, will be added as as available. 

Architectural Drawings

Click on images below for an enlarged view. Click here to view a PDF file with all architectural drawings. 

Interior Finishes

In addition to architectural updates and additions, the building projects includes interior updates and additions to create a more beautiful worship space. One of those is the addition of a stained-glass rose window depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus. An artist's rendering is below. This window would be located in the newly enlarged vestibule and would be seen upon entering the main doors of Sacred Heart,