Sacred Heart Eldon

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Liturgical Ministries

January 2018

January 27/28


Mass Server - Sam Schupp

Lector - Cheryl Schulte (Both Readings)

Eucharistic Ministers - Frances Veltrop, Carmen Burton

Ushers - Mike Kriegshauser, Susan Kriegshauser, Brandon Schupp, Mike Bax


Mass Server - Gus Albertson, Kate Albertson

Lector - Christie Jung (Both Readings)

Eucharistic Ministers - Betty Markway, Marc Markway

Ushers - Joe Jung, Carolyn Steidle, Phil Steidle, Jonathan Engelmeyer

February 2018


Sacred Heart is scheduling on a weekly basis for 2018 (instead of monthly). The assigned lector will do BOTH readings, and all servers may volunteer to serve when present at Mass if needed (for a total of 3). Thank you for participating in the Liturgy! If you are not able to fulfill your liturgical assignment, please contact Carmen Burton (573-434-1168).